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12 February
Posted in Photon

Video: Albion Online – Building a PvP focused MMO with Unity & Photon Server

Albion Online is a fantastic mixture between Eve Online and League of Legends developed by Sandbox Interactive. The sandbox MMORPG is set in an open medieval fantasy world and comes with a fully player-driven economy where all equipment items are completely player-crafted. Watch Sandbox’ CTO David Salz sharing their experiences […]

2 January
Posted in Photon

Dev Story ‘Tanks Multiplayer’: Switching from UNET to PUN

This guest post was written by Florian Bukmaier, co-founder and developer at Rebound Games. Rebound Games is an indie studio founded by two brothers in 2013. They are frequently releasing new Unity assets on the Unity Asset Store, ranging from editor extensions and scripting tools to complete projects. The Asset […]

18 November
Posted in Photon PUN

Released PUN v1.79

PUN v1.79 is in the store with updated demos, two more Photon Cloud regions and lots of improvements …

27 October
Posted in SDK

Released Photon Native SDKs

Released Photon Native SDKs, added XBox 1 support, added Webflags …

13 October
Posted in SDK

Released Photon Native SDKs v4.1.3.4

Released new Native SDKs v4.1.3.4 for Emscripten, Linux, Windows and WindowsStore and Android NDK, iOS, OS X, tvOS.