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SDK Update

SDK Release: PUN v.1.87

Changes in PUN v1.87 Notable changes since 1.86: Fixes to demos and websocket implementation Performance update to RPC calls New selectable region Russia Download from https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/1786

SDK Update

SDK Release: Android NDK v4.1.8.1

Changes in Android NDK v4.1.8.1 Notable changes since The libc++ and no-rtti flavors of the binaries are now actually built with the options that are indicated by their names. Download from https://www.photonengine.com/en/sdks#androidndk

Dev Story: Das Tal’s Backend & Exit Games’ Photon

This guest post was written by Sebastian Dorda, Technical Director and Developer for ‘Das Tal’ at indie studio Fairytale Distillery. ‘Das Tal’ is a fast-paced Sandbox MMORPG that focuses on player interaction. Full Loot and Open...

Photon Turnbased Goes Public BETA!

Kudos to your helping hands during early access! The Photon Turnbased APIs are now claimed stable, demos are up and running and parts of the SDKs. Get the turn-based SDKs from https://www.exitgames.com/en/Turnbased and start developing your asynchronous...

Photon not affected by “Heartbleed”

Photon backends and websites are not affected by the “Heartbleed Bug” in OpenSSL (http://heartbleed.com/). We do not use OpenSSL or any tool based on OpenSSL in any of our customer facing services. However, one...