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16 February
Posted in Photon

Pantropy – Massive Performance Boost by Using NetworkArrays / Photon Bolt

This guest post was written by Julian Kaulitzki, lead developer for Pantropy at indie game studio Brain Stone. Pantropy is a faction-based, SciFi-themed mech-game  for PC and is, at the time of writing, in closed-alpha. Pantropy will eventually allow up to 128 players in one joint session. Conquer an alien world, […]

23 January
Posted in Photon

Streamlined Photon Product Portfolio: TRUESYNC fuses into QUANTUM, THUNDER Development Ceased

In the last two years we introduced new products to our portfolio to better tackle the different challenges in multiplayer development. But with the growing portfolio it became more difficult for our customers to understand the differences between them. We decided to streamline our portfolio and focus on less products: […]