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Photon Quantum – Join the Multiplayer Revolution

Introducing Photon Quantum

Quantum revolutionizes the way fast-paced multiplayer games are build. A revolution is always started by a few leaders and we spent over 2.5 years to develop Quantum before we gave it into their hands:

Quantum is a deterministic realtime multiplayer engine for Unity. It is the perfect engine  for MOBAs, RTS, brawlers, sports games, fighting games and other types of fast-paced action games.

Quantum speeds up your development process dramatically as your game code simply does not need to take into account that your game is multiplayer.


Deterministic Architecture1 – No Lockstepping – Blazing Performance

Photon Quantum extremely brushed performance allows e-sports grade multiplayer game development on all platforms, including mobiles, and runs in the Photon Cloud.

Key highlights are:

  • Super-low network overhead: send only inputs between players
  • Fully deterministic, state-of-the-art prediction/rollback simulation – without lockstepping
  • No network interpolation required, no artificial delay for game state interpolation
  • Blazing fast performance: Quantum game demo “Dropship Down” runs¬† at 2,000- 10,000 Hz

‘Dropship Down’ – Quantum Game Demo

Dropship Down is a realtime shooting demo made with Quantum. The video capture below shows a match between a player in Sweden (server ping 50ms) and a player in Brasil (server ping 260ms). It shows perfectly how Quantum eliminates lag and make the match a smooth experiences for the players.


Join the Revolution?

We are searching for great teams who want to leverage the full potential of Photon Quantum. Are you one of them?

Then please email to developer@exitgames and tell us what greatness you are planning to achieve with Quantum.

Roman Graebsch, Producer at SYBO Games

Linus Ekdahl, Senior Game Developer at Like A Boss Games



1 Some excellent background information about basic deterministic networking can be found here. Please note that Quantum goes far beyond these basics and does not require lockstepping.





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