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Released PUN v1.79

SDK Update

Changes in PUN v1.79

  • Changed:
    PUN will no longer aggregate the data from ALL objects in a group into ONE message.
    Instead, a maximum of 10 objects will be sent together.
    The idea is to avoid huge messages, which need fragmentation.
    Fragmentation needs to be avoided, because fragments are always reliable (and you basically lose “unreliable” updates when you send too much).
    There is a new variable for this: NetworkingPeer.ObjectsInOneUpdate.
  • Changed:
    As we send max 10 gameobject-updates in one message (by default), we can use a byte as type for their ID (instead of short).
    This minimally saves data but makes this PUN incompatible with older builds.
    We separate PUN versions for you so there won’t be a clash.
    PhotonNetwork.versionPUN is inserted into your Game Version to separate players.
  • Updated: PunTeams to keep PlayerPerTeams Listing up to date.
  • Updated: PlayerRoomIndexing improved consistency across various network contexts.
  • Fixed: SocketWebTcp for WebGL was time scale dependant and would stop receiving events when Time.TimeScale = 0.
  • Updated: DemoChat UI reworked to match demo Hub look and feel.
  • Updated: DemoHub pixel Perfect Canvas fix.
  • Added:
    Two more regions: Korea, Seoul (kr) and India, Chennai (in).
    If you’re using the hosting option “Best Region”, you may want to update the configuration in your PhotonServerSettings file.

Find PUN Free in the Asset Store at!/content/1786 and
PUN+ at!/content/12080.

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