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Wargaming Labs Presents the Top-down Shooter Hybrid Wars, Built Using Photon Realtime

Hybrid Wars lets you command and upgrade your own arsenal of futuristic mechs to take on wave after wave of enemy forces. Jump into a classic top-down shooter experience as you obliterate over 50 types of enemy and team up with friends to cause more mayhem. Harness an arsenal of diverse machines—Bomber and Assault mechs, tanks, motorboats, and a wicked variety of helicopters—to rise to the top of the food chain.
With 8 huge locations to explore and over 150 objectives to complete, Hybrid Wars immerses you in a future where those with the quickest wits and biggest guns survive. Published by WG Labs, a unit within Wargaming, and developed by Extreme Developers, Hybrid Wars captures classic ‘90s nostalgia and brings it crashing into the future.
Available on PC, Mac, and Linux, the game features co-op game-play at launch and additional multiplayer game modes will be coming soon — all built with Photon Realtime.

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