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Released Photon Native SDKs

SDK Update

Notable changes since

general changes:

  • added: XBox 1 as new supported platform
  • added: overloads of PhotonPeer::connect() with new optional parameters to supply custom init data to the server
  • added: PhotonPeer::initUserDataEncryption()
  • added: PhotonPeer::initUDPEncryption() (available on XBox 1, Windows
    Store 10 UWP and Windows Desktop)
  • added: support for changing the connection protocol without recreating
    the Peer instance
  • added: support for Websocket connections on Xbox 1 and Windows Store

changes to the LoadBalancing Client (Photon Realtime and Photon Server):

  • added: support for Webflags,
  • added: support for a XBox 1 encryption and authentication flow that conforms to Microsofts requirements for that platform
  • fixed: MutableRoom::getPlayers() did not work correctly for joining
    players, if remote players have not had any player properties set (the
    player name is a player property, so this did not affect most games)
  • added: support for expected room properties (check and swap): when using
    this, changing properties fails if any property value prior to the changes
    is not equal to its expected value. This is useful to prevent one client
    from overriding the changes that have been done by another client when
    multiple clients attempt to change the value of the same property at the
    same time.

Download the SDKs from


changes to the Chat Client:

  • fixed: Client::opSetOnlineStatus() now can actually be used with just
    the ‘status’ parameter without providing a status message
  • removed: the skipMessage parameter from Client::opSetOnlineStatus()
    (just don’t provide a message parameter to skip the message)


Download the SDKs from

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