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Released Photon Native SDKs v4.1.3.4

SDK Update

Notable changes since

  • added Client::reconnectAndRejoin() to the LoadBalancing-cpp library,
    which you can call when your client loses its connection while it is
    inside an active game to make it reconnect and rejoin that game. This
    allows for a quick rejoin of the active game even when the server has not
    yet detected the disconnect
  • switched the used C++ standard library of the Photon Client SDK for
    Android NDK from c++_static (Clang/LLVM libc++), to which it recently has
    been changed, back to gnustl_static (GNU STL) to re-establish
    compatibility with Cocos2d-x and Unreal Engine 4, which got broken in

REPLACED: SDKs for Emscripten, Linux, Windows and WindowsStore and SDKs for Android NDK, iOS, OS X, tvOS with ones

Download the SDKs from

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