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Photon Thunder: Matchmaking, Punch-through and Relay Service for New Unity Multiplayer


Photon is well known for its multiplayer features, but Thunder is a little different. Based on the proven and battle-tested Photon Cloud, Thunder is the perfect punch-through, relay and matchmaking service for games developed with the new Unity Multiplayer (HLAPI).
Unity Multiplayer, but with Photon? Yes, exactly. While Unity Multiplayer’s peer-2-peer networking is included in all their plans, it offers no punch-trough service and their Matchmaker and Relay servers cost a hefty $0.49 per GB.
This is where Photon Thunder steps in:
it offers the missing punch-through feature, all the great matchmaking features of PUN and, being fully based on the Photon Cloud, a proven scalable and reliable global cloud relay.
All offered at a fraction of the costs of competition: Photon Thunder plans will include 3GB per CCU (roughly $0.062 per GB only) and as always you’ll get 20 CCU completly FREE.
So if you like Unity’s peer-2-peer engine, but do not want to pay the high costs for their Relay and Matchmaker: Photon Thunder is the right product for you.
We are aiming to release Thunder before November and invite everyone to apply for Early Access now.

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Posted By Robert

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