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New Great Features, New Great Pricing is Coming

When we started Photon Cloud in 2012 our main vision was to provide not only the best multiplayer service in the world, but also a service for anyone:
whether you are a AAA studio with a big budget or a one man show starting with some pocket change, Photon Cloud allows anyone to build cross-platform multiplayer games and launch them world-wide at a fraction of the costs of competing solutions.

Have we achieved our vision? Yes, we think so! Photon is the global #1 multiplayer service for Unity and it has a community of more than 95,000 developers including giants like Square Enix and Warner Brother Games.

Photon Cloud Hosting Centers

Are we 100% satisfied now? No, and we will never be.

There is always room for improvement and since the launch of Photon Cloud we have worked hard to add more and more great features and will continue to do so:

  • We started with two hosting centers in Europe (Amsterdam) and the US (Washington)
  • Next came SE Asia (Singapore), followed by Japan (Tokyo)
  • Just recently we launched a new hosting region in Australia (Melbourne)

Soon South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and Korea (Seoul) will follow totalling in seven Photon Cloud hosting centers. All are included in any Photon Cloud plan.

While the product continues to get more features and more hosting options, we want to keep things simple and stick with our transparent pricing.

Pick our FREE plan or choose a paid one, that’s it. Just one price.

What will change?

We will slightly increase the pricing for 500 CCU. Plans with 1,000 CCU and up will be offered with a single price for each 1k CCU, no matter if you subscribe to 1,000 or 10,000 CCU.

In detail (all prices are per month):

  • Photon Unity Networking & Photon Realtime:
    500 CCU changes from $89 to $95,
    each 1,000 CCU will be offered at a unified price of $185
  • Photon Turnbased:
    500 CCU changes from $59 to $65,
    each 1,000 CCU will be offered at a unified price of $125
  • Photon Chat:
    500 CCU changes from $42 to $45,
    each 1,000 CCU will be offered at a unified price of $85

The 20 CCU plan continues to be FREE of cost and we will keep the $95 one-time price tag for the 100 CCU forever plan.

When does this happen?

The new pricing will become effective on May 7, 2015.
All existing subscriptions will be changed to the new pricing automatically.

Why these numbers?

We simply haven’t raised our pricing since 2012, but added features and five(5!) Photon Cloud hosting centers. Plus, we will lower the pricing for games with 5,000 and more CCU as the overhead costs – mainly for support and the use of our CCU burst – are similar to those with less CCU.

Who can I contact when I have questions?

Please send your questions directly to The Photon team is standing by to answer.

It’s been a long road, and there’s so much more to go. But it’s been a ton of fun so far, and I hope the thousands of companies who use Photon have enjoyed it too.
Thanks for using Photon. I look forward to years more of serving your multiplayer needs!

Best regards,
Chris Founder & CEO of Exit Games

Posted By Robert

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