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Version of the Photon C++ Client SDKs has just gone live.

Here is a short list of the most important changes since (for the full list please have a look at the release history files, like always):

  • a dedicated Client API for Photon Chat is now available (a prerelease version of the Chat-API has been available in the Photon Chat download section for a while already, but now it’s part of the normal Client SDK)
  • the C++ Clients now support trafficStats and interest groups
  • a lot of features for better support of turnbased games have been added to the LoadBalancing API.

As you may have noticed, the new iOS / OS X SDKs ship with C++ libraries, only. The objective C ones missing.
I can assure you that we have not dropped objC support. The objC Photon 4 Clients have just not been finished yet. If you use the Photon objective C API, then please stay with for now until we release Photon 4 objC Clients in early 2015.

Get the new SDKs here.

Posted By Stefan

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