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Photon Client SDKs v4.0.0.2 – Realtime, Turnbased and Chat

We’ve been in “Engineering Mode” for a while but now everything begins to come together. You can notice that when you take a look at our client SDKs, which begin to include all Photon client APIs in one package. It should be a lot easier to combine Realtime or Turnbased games with our Chat solution.

Last week, we released the new C# based client SDKs v4.0.0.2 for DotNet, Unity3D, Windows 8 Store and Windows 8 Phone as well as a new Xamarin package.

This is the first time we include the Chat features: Group users into Chat Channels any way you like – independent of Rooms. Chat in groups, guilds or one to one, give you friend list to the server and gets User Status updates when a friend’s state changes.

Photon Turnbased is part of the “LoadBalancing API” and enables you to keep the state of Rooms easily, so your players can continue a match asynchronously.

Aside from adding new APIs, we also updated general features in the LoadBalancing API. We added “Typed Lobbies” and classes for the parameters of RaiseEvent and CreateRoom, you can now find the “next” player with Player.GetNext() or use WebRPCs to call your own custom server.

It’s time to update!
Get the new SDKs on our download page.

Posted By Tobias

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