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FAQ: Photon Unity Network PLUS (PUN+)

We recently launched Photon Unity Networking (PUN+) and are super happy that the package immediately climbed  on #1  in Unity’s App Store in Top Grossing ‘Networking’ category. Yippee! After the launch we had many support requests which we want to summarize for all of you by this FAQ.

If you have purchased PUN+ and want to ‘activate’ it:
Please send an email to developer[at] containing the Asset Store invoice ID, the according Photon Cloud App ID and the email address that is associated to your Photon Cloud account.

1. I want PUN+, but I already have a Photon Cloud account. Can I upgrade my existing apps?

Yes, you can upgrade any existing app/subscription with the 100CCU(concurrent users) from the PUN+ package. E.g. if you have Photon Cloud Free with 20CCUs you can upgrade it to 100CCUs. If you have a 100CCU subscription, you’ll get 200CCU, 500CCU -> 600CCU, a.s.o.

Of course only the 100CCU from the PUN+ package are forever free then 😉

Please note that the PUN+ deal can only be activated for one application in your account.

2.  I use Photon Server: Do I need Unity Pro or can I benefit from PUN+ as well and use it with Unity free?
Good news: you do not need Unity Pro. You can use PUN+ with Photon Server and Unity free.

 3. Is the 100CCU limit per Photon Cloud region or per app?
CCU limits are always limits per app: e.g. if you peaked with 50CCU in one region you have 50CCU for the other regions left.

4. Are the 100CCU for one specific app or cumulated over all apps?
The 100CCU are for one specific app.

5. Can I freely move the 100 CCU to the app where I need them most at any time?
No, we are sorry. You cannot move the 100CCU from one app to another.

6. Can I buy multiple PUN+ packages? Can I combine e.g. 5 packages so I have one app with 500CCUs?
Neither one:  the offer is limited to one PUN+ package per account only.

7. Will there be packages with more than 100CCU life-time in Photon Cloud?
No plans for that and very unlikely.

8. No Unity Pro license needed, does this mean no corresponding iOS or Android Pro license either?
Yes, iOS and Android Free licenses are sufficient

9. Does PUN+ vary from PUN in terms of code?
PUN and PUN+ both use Photon Cloud and do not differ regards the developer APIs. The magic happens under the hood.

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