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Photon Cloud Regions – Global Low Latency, Free of Charge

  • 16 November, 2012 -
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Photon Cloud Regions – Free of Charge

Photon Cloud provides global hosting centers since a little while, but it took us another little while to make this feature accessible for everyone.
Finally: Photon Cloud officially supports US, Europe, S.E. Asia as ‘regions’. Japan and S.Korea will follow soon.

Simply use one of the following URIs as the entry point in your game’s source code to get the lowest possible latency for your game’s region:
1) US (East Coast):
2) EU (Amsterdam):
3) Asia (Singapore):
4) New in test mode is Japan (Tokyo):
5) Next region coming: Korea (Seoul)

Examples needed? Users in the US have the lowest latency if connected to the Photon Cloud US ( region. Easy.

But what if you have users from all over the world? You can for instance
a) let the game client ping the different Photon Cloud regions and pre-select the one with the best ping
b) distribute different client version, so users from different regions connect to different Photon Cloud regions
c) let the user choose his region from within your game’s menu
d) let all users connect to the same region if that works with your game-play, e.g. no problem for all not-sooo-realtime games.

It’s free, whatever you choose. All Photon Cloud apps are working in all available regions without any extra charge. See Photon Cloud pricing here.

Go to your Photon Cloud’s Dashboard to monitor the usage of your game in each region and easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan. Your Dashboard is here.

What? No Photon Cloud account? Get it for FREE here.

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