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playMaker integrated with Photon Cloud

playMaker‘ by Hutong Games is one of the best selling tools in Unity’s Asset Store and that comes for a reason:
by its super-intuitive visual state editor it empowers designer and artists to create their own games without even knowing how to program while it is also a great help for experienced developers to e.g. quickly create prototypes, add A.I. behaviors, etc.

We think that the best visual scripting tool should be integrated with the best network engine, Photon, so we are happy to announce that we have started to work together with the Hutong guys to bring this integration into life.

A first private beta version is ready and we’ll keep you posted once we can share a version with the public.

Posted By Robert

5 Responses to “playMaker integrated with Photon Cloud”

  1. Great news! I have weirdly just bought both PlayMaker AND got me a Photon cloud.. looks like I made the right choices! As a code idiot I have been very pleasantly helped by both.. thanks…

  2. greenland says:

    Will this enable persistence? Will the cloud be able to host authoritative servers written with playmaker?

  3. Christof says:

    The cloud does not allow (authorative) logic currently.

  4. greenland says:

    I guess I’m confused then; does this mean that Hutong is officially adding Photon Unity Networking to the Third Party Library support list?
    Is there still a benefit to using an authorative Photon server with PlayMaker client-side, or is the functionality exclusive to the cloud hosting?

  5. Sec says:

    Photon Server must not be authorative per se, same applies for multiplayer games’ demand for such.

    Feel free to ping us via or open a thread in http://forum.exitgames.ccom for further questions.

    The Photons