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Get Up, Stand Up, Sign Up for the Cloud – Photon Cloud Subscriptions Now Live

First my apologies to all Bob Marley fans out there. Guys, I simply could not stop myself to (mis-)quote one of his most famous song lines for the headline as it was the first thing that came into my mind when starting to write this post. The song says that people should stand up for their rights and actually we had Photon Cloud users who were complaining that they could not sign up for a subscription, really. Thanks for standing up and pushing us, guys, now you can: Photon Cloud subscriptions are live.

How to sign up for a Photon Cloud subscription:
1. If you are already registered: Login to your Photon Cloud Dashboard and click the ‘Subscribe’-button. Then select your desired package and enter your payment details. Accept the ‘Terms’ and click ‘Sign Up’. Your subscription will be activated within some minutes and will then be shown in your Cloud Dashboard.
2. If you are not registered yet: just enter your email at the Photon Cloud homepage. Then continue with step 1) above.

You can cancel or upgrade your subscriptions at any time within the payment cycle.

Please let us know your feedback so we can tweak and improve our service. Thanks!


Posted By Robert

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