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Press Release: Exit Games Partners With Marmalade to Power Fast and Easy Development of Online Games on Multiple Platforms

  • 13 July, 2011 -
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Portland, OR ‚Äď July 13, 2011 ‚Äď Exit Games today announced that its leading network engine and socket server ‚ÄėPhoton‚Äô is now fully integrated with Marmalade, the leading product for developers to build and distribute rich cross-platform applications quickly, easily and without compromise.

Marmalade allows developers to write apps in standard C++ and deploy from this single code base as native applications to iOS, Android, webOS and a wide range of other platforms. The latest version allows developers to easily access any native APIs they choose on iOS and Android. Marmalade’s unique architecture ensures optimal performance and functionality when developing cross-platform.

Exit Games Photon is a fast, reliable and powerful network engine and socket server for the development of realtime multiplayer applications on a multitude of platforms, now including Marmalade. Photon provides unique features, such as a C/C++-based core, server extensibility in .NET/C# plus reliable UDP, which are crucial for scalable online games such as first person shooters or massive multiplayer online games.

Tim Closs, CTO of Marmalade commented ‚ÄúWe‚Äôre very excited that Exit Games Photon is now fully integrated within Marmalade. Photon provides stunning performance whilst being easy-to-use which makes it a perfect fit with Marmalade. It‚Äôs an ideal combination for the development of multi-user online applications.‚ÄĚ

Christof Wegmann, CTO and founder of Exit Games, continues: ‚ÄúMarmalade is not only a company with a great track record but also a fantastic product. Now it is possible for any developer to easily create and deploy realtime multiplayer applications on a multitude of the most important mobile gaming platforms by using Marmalade and Photon.‚ÄĚ

Exit Games Photon FREE licenses and the Marmalade Client SDK can be downloaded at

For more information, and to arrange interview opportunities with senior management, please contact:

Tony Coles, Peppermint P:

+44 (0207) 240 2645

About Marmalade:

Marmalade makes software that lets developers build and distribute cross-platform applications quickly, easily and without compromise. Our true cross-platform technology provides the best performance andthe best portability Рand all within the industry’s most open and flexible development environment. That’s why tens of thousands of the world’s leading developers use Marmalade. Leading publishers including Electronic Arts, Konami and  Square Enix; OEMs such as Samsung and RIM; operators likeKorea Telecom; processor platforms like ARM; apps developers like Gameshastra, RoadPilot, WorkSnug,Playsoft and NaturalMotion, as well as thousands of indies, all know that the richest cross-platform applications are made with Marmalade.

Marmalade is a trading name of Ideaworks3D Limited, which was originally founded in 1998. The unique technology behind the Marmalade SDK was developed between 2005 and 2008 and battle tested through the development and deployment of high profile games such as Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Need for Speed and Resident Evil to mobile devices.¬† The SDK was launched as ‚ÄėAirplay SDK‚Äô in late 2009, before becoming Marmalade in June 2011. Marmalade has a¬†team with an unparalleled track record in high performance mobile and cross-platform development.¬† We believe that more platforms should mean more possibilities, not more compromises.¬† That‚Äôs what developing with¬†Marmalade is all about.

Find out more at

About Exit Games:

Exit Games is¬†the¬†leading provider of network engines for the development of online games on multiple platforms.¬†Exit Games’¬†high performance socket server, Photon, allows developers¬†to easily implement¬†realtime features into games or¬†applications for browsers, personal computers, Macs or mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone and Android.

Exit Games products are used by leading entertainment industry customers such as Bigpoint, Walt Disney, Square Enix, Taito, Konami, World Golf Tour and E! Entertainment to create online, social and community-based games and applications.

Exit Games was founded in 2003 with venture capital funding and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with an office in Portland, Oregon, USA. For more information, please visit the company website:

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