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MMO Class Using Photon on 3D Buzz

  • 9 February, 2011 -
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Ever wanted to know how to get started and what to consider when developing your own MMOG? 3D Buzz has started a class on exactly this subject. They chose Unity as underlying 3D engine, and – guess what – they chose Photon as their multiplayer backend technology.
And this is what Jason Busby, founder of 3D Buzz, says:

“We settled on Photon for a variety of reasons. The first is that Photon is built from the ground up in native C and C++. This makes it very small and streamlined (i.e. fast). It also utilizes UDP for faster performance, onto which is added a “reliability layer,” allowing the programmer to flag critical events, so that the server handles delivery of those packets. It makes for a very fast server with no dropping of critical data.
Probably the most important point that tipped the scales in Photon’s favor was the fact that it is extensible in C#. This means that the development of the game client and the server itself could take place with a single unified language, rather than having to use one language for the client and another for the server.”

There you are. And here’s the article

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