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VIDEO: Using the Photon socket-server MMO Demo

(Click here to watch in HD directly on YouTube)

This video gives you a short introduction to the MMO Demo for the Photon socket-server. It shows how to merge the Unity Island Demo into our package, compile and start the windows client to create some simulated players before you finally visit the tropical island inside Unity. See how you move the simulated players around and how to modify the view distance.

You do need to have the Photon socket-server installed locally, of course. How to do this, our How to Install Photon video will show you – in even less time.

Posted By Tobias

3 Responses to “VIDEO: Using the Photon socket-server MMO Demo”

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  2. Gil Beyruth says:

    Hey it looks awesome !! Is there any racing game demo? Does it work good for a racing multiplayer game? Also can I have a player on unity3d iPhone , another on unity3d android and another on unity browser playing the same multiplayer space together? I mean cross platform multiplayer?

  3. Christof says:

    Sure it would work for a racing game as well. Photon is cross platform: Unity vs iPhone vs Android vs …