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INTERVIEW: Schell Games on ‚ÄúThe Mummy‚ÄĚ MMO network engine selection

What were the reasons to use an online game engine/network middleware?

Matt:¬†The use of middleware let us leverage someone¬†else’s¬†expertise. It got us up and running faster, and leaves us more time to focus on making a great gameplay¬†experiences.

What were the main reasons to choose Exit Games Photon for ‚ÄúThe Mummy‚ÄĚ?

Matt: ¬†First, Photon’s proven Unity support. We’re using Unity for ‘the Mummy Online, so this was a must-have. Second Photon’s use of C# ¬†allows us to use the game scripting language on ¬†both the server and client. Third, the support of reliable UDP also a must-have for any MMO. And lastly, Photon’s pricing made sense.

From your point of view: What are the advantages of Photon over its competition?

Matt: We evaluated other products, but found Photon’s feature to be the best fit for our needs. The combination of: UDP, binary sockets, C# to write the server code, plus a great Unity SDK, was hard to beat.

Thanks Matt!

Matt Mahon is Technical Director of Schell Games which is developing “The Mummy” MMO for Bigpoint.

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