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Bigpoint Selects Photon for “The Mummy” MMO

We are super proud that Photon was chosen by Bigpoint and the game’s developer Schell Games, a US-based studio led by renowned game designer and author Jesse Schell, to power the network features of The Mummy.

The Mummy Online - Powered by Exit Games Photon

Large scale MMOs like The Mummy Online which is based on the famous film franchise and published by the browser-games giant are what Photon is made for. As the game will be developed with Unity technology we are more then happy that Photon once more is chosen for a Unity-based game. This again proves that Photon and Unity is an ideal combination especially when it comes to huge MMO projects and real-time games.

We will work on a mini-interview with Schell and the reasons why they have chosen Photon to power The Mummy Online and will publish it here in our blog.

Stay tuned 🙂

Posted By Robert

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