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Freaky Creatures is Live

Freaky Creatures - Now Live

Freaky Creatures - Now Live

Great news for online gamers and everyone who had an eye on development: Abandon Interactive‘s massive multiplayer online battling game “Freaky Creatures” has passed beta and is now officially live!

The game’s release is accompanied by a huge marketing campaign, selling the actual figurines in toy stores including a USB-stick with the game included:

Starter Packs are priced at $19.99 and Add-On Packs at $9.99. A Starter Pack comes with 2 collectible figures, a 1 gigabyte reusable flash drive and 30 days of gameplay. Each Starter Pack comes with a random assortment of 50 parts, 20 powers and 4 lair objects. Add-On Pack allows players to add to their collection of creatures and include 1 collectible figure, 25 creature parts, 10 creature powers and 2 lair objects. A monthly Premium Pass for Freaky Creatures costs $6.99; a three month Premium Pass costs $17.97 and a six month Premium Pass costs $32.94. With the premium pass you get access to playing online, specific web site features and new Freaky Creatures content as it is added to the game. This includes new parts, powers, pets, lair objects, game features and much, much more.

What does this have to do with Exit Games? Well, the multiplayer backend is powered by Exit Games Neutron or course. Check out Freaky Creatures online!

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