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Version of the Photon C++/objC Client SDKs has just gone live.

Here is a short list of the most important changes since (for the full list please have a look at the release history files, like always):

  • the Windows Client SDK now ships with various flavors of the libs – while previously there has only be the choice between debug and release builds, but one had to use 32bit builds, that have been built by Visual Studio 2010 and linked against the static runtime, one can now also choose between builds that have been linked against static and dynamic runtime, between VS 2010 and 2012 builds and between 32 and 64 bit builds (with all possible combinations this means each of the contained libs in the SDK now ships in 16 different flavors from which you can choose)
  • the Marmalade Client SDK now additionally to X86, X86 Darwin and ARM builds also ships MIPS, Android X86, Window Phone 8 x86 and Windows Phone 8 ARM binaries
  • the AndroidNDK Client SDK now additionally to the choice between ARM and ARMV7A and the usual choice between debug and release also offers the choice between binaries with enabled and with disabled RTTI – enabled RTTI should be your default choice, “noRTTI” builds trade the type logging feature of the ToString-interface against compatibility to certain 3rd party libs and should be chosen when needed
  • the iOS Client SDK now ships with “fat” binaries, that additionally to ARMv7 and ARMv7A also contain ARM64 binaries (for optimal performance with the 64 bit CPU of the new iPhone 5S)
  • there has been an incompatibility between Photon and the latest versions of Cocos2d-x, which has been solved with this release
  • Photons behavior for TCP connections on unstable wifi-networks has been improved
  • hostname resolution now takes place in a separate thread to prevent blocking of the main thread for non-responding hostnames
  • LoadBalancing Room, MutableRoom, Player and MutablePlayer instances now can be subclassed
  • several issues with LoadBalancing player properties have been fixed
  • we have added support for CustomAuthentication
  • opRaiseEvent() now accepts as top-level payload not only Hashtables, like before, but every type that is supported by Photons serialization, including (multi-dimensional) arrays, custom types and so on – especially for operations with only small payloads like for example if you want to send just a single int, this can significantly reduce the overhead of an operation and that way also your traffic and bandwith needs
  • the objC EGDictionary implementation has been revised

Get the new SDKs for Photon Server here and for Photon Cloud here.

Posted By Stefan

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