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Version of the Photon Native Client SDKs has just gone live.

Here is a short list of the most important changes (for the full list please have a look at the release history files, like usual):

– We have added a lot of C++ API documentation (the Common C++ lib is now fully documented): For example the APIs for (de-)serialization, logging and memory management are now documented
– The C++ (de-)serialization API has been revised
– float and double are now supported as key types (which is critical for inter platform support, if one of the platforms is a Lua one).
– Friend lists have been added as a new feature to the LoadBalancing API.
– The LoadBalancing API offers some additional optional callbacks that you can implement if you want to get informed every time when the room list in the lobby has been updated, when some player or room properties have been changed or when the app stats have been updated.

Get the new SDKs for Photon Server here and for Photon Cloud here.

Posted By Stefan

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