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Photon v3.2 SDK Released

We’ve been working on this a while but now the time is right: Photon v3.2 is polished and ready to use!
Some of the new and noteworthy updates:

  • WebSocket support (an “alpha version” had already been part of 3.0, but now it’s actually stable and usable).
  • Several fixes for JSON serialization (for WebSockets / JavaScript, AS3, etc.).
  • Interest groups in rooms (basic, client driven interest management).
  • Application stats for LoadBalancing (the “Cloud” you can host yourself).
  • Fixed several bugs and crashes, cleaned up the code base (refactorings, deprecated code removed).
  • Optional CRC checksums for udp packages (helps avoiding issues caused by broken network equipment).

The full changelog:

Download the SDKs:

We also released a special version of the SDK with Windows Azure support! Check out the Azure tutorial:

Posted By Tobias

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