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Finally we have released version of the Photon native Client SDKs

The most important changes in this release are:
Рwe are happy to welcome Blackberry 10 NDK  as a new member in the family of platforms, for which Photon C++ clients are available
– we have switched the doc format from docomatic generated PDFs to doxygen generated .html, .chm and .docset files (including useful inheritence, collaboration and dependency graphs)
– iOS armv7s binaries (native binaries for iPhone 5) have been added
– iOS armv5 binaries have been removed (this means, that Photon does not longer support iPhone 1, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 1st and 2nd Gen)
– we have added support for strong typed Dictionaries (class DictionaryBase and class template Dictionary in C++, classes EGDictionary and EGMutableDictionary in objective C), including full support for (multidimensional) Dictionary arrays and for nesting Dictionaries (and (multidimensional) arrays of them) as values into other Dictionaries
– we now fully support arrays of custom types, including multidimensional arrays and object-arrays with custom elements
Рthe  C++ API for putting key value pairs into a Hashtable has been greatly simplified
– the namespace structure of the C++ clients has been changed
– class KeyObject has been removed from the objC API. Instead, NSValue- and NSString instances should be used as keys is NS- and EG- (Mutable-)Dictionary instances

Furthermore we have fixed several bugs, including crashes and memory leaks and introduced some smaller API changes and performance improvements.

Please have a look at the release-history files for a complete list of all the changes that are included in this release.

Get the new SDKs for Photon Server here and for Photon Cloud here.

Posted By Stefan

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