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Photon Cloud – Forever Free Now!

Photon Cloud becomes Forever Free. Say whaaaat?

Yes, by today we activated the ‘Forever Free’ plan providing you all the benefits of the Photon Cloud for up to 20 concurrent users per app. Completely for free. Forever.

Think it’s cool?
Read that: you can have as many Forever Free Photon Cloud apps as you like with just one Photon account.

>> Go and create your first Forever Free app in your Photon account.

All trial apps are automatically converted to Forever Free apps.
Paid plans can be downgraded to the Forever Free plan at any time.

You are not a Photon Cloud user yet? Sign up right here and start your free network engine today!

Posted By Sec

3 Responses to “Photon Cloud – Forever Free Now!”

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  2. joey says:

    I don’t understand how to add

  3. Sec says:

    New applications can be added from clicking “Create New Application”.