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Photon Server SDK 3.0 Final Released!

If you are new to Photon it was never easier to get started, if you are a long time Photon developer we are sure you will love 3.0!
Download the Photon 3.0 Server SDK on our download page.

We are really excited to announce the long awaited Photon Server 3.0 final release.
RC9 has proven extremely stable in the last months we’ve only had to fix¬†two last edge cases in our networking stack and, dog-feeding the latest changes on our cloud, we haven’t seen any issue for weeks.

So for the final release we concentrated our efforts on improving the usability of Photon:

  • We introduced the¬†New Bootstrap License¬†– Photon without a license file now starts with 20 CCU’s and doesn’t require an internet connection to contact the License Server.
  • Fast Photon¬†Server start-up: We reduced the¬†start-up¬†time of Photon and PhotonControl in some cases (many applications on x64) by orders of magnitude.
  • Start Photon anywhere: We removed the restriction on the relative location of photon and the applications. Now it is all configurable per commandline options and config settings. Allowing an easy setup of an “F5-Debug” development environment, i.e now you can configure your VS projcet like this to start your debugging session:
    – StartProgram: ….\deploy\bin_Win32\PhotonSocketServer.exe
    – StartArguments: /debug LoadBalancing /config PhotonServer.LoadBalancing-Development.config /configPath “….”
    Note: the use of this new feature requires the following changes:
    1. change “AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory” to “ApplicationBase.ApplicationRootPath”
    2. in your¬†Application Setup()¬†add¬†¬†log4net.GlobalContext.Properties[“Photon:ApplicationLogPath”] = Path.Combine(this.ApplicationRootPath, “log”);
    3. and a change in your log4net.config: ¬†<param name=”File” value=”log\CounterPublisher.log” /> to <file type=”log4net.Util.PatternString” value=”%property{Photon:ApplicationLogPath}\CounterPublisher.log” />
  • Improved Photon Automation:¬†¬†Now all actions (install, installcounters, …) return error codes in case of failure and report the failure message in the log. We introduced more sanity checks like “config file not found” before we install a service or start Photon.
  • PhotonControl:
    – now takes the instance names configured in the PhotonServer.config to populate the instances menu.
    – and it detects which instance is running, even if started when Photon is already running (e.g. as service).
    – we added an option to easy configure the Loadbalancing IP
    – and add Photon to the Windows Firewall rules

For a more detailed list of changes and fixes please refer to the

Download the Photon 3.0 Server SDK on our download page.

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