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New v3.0.1.12 SDKs for Unity, DotNet and WindowsPhone

Since the last release, we took some time to improve the usability of the C# client libs. But don’t panic: Instead of changing all the APIs, names and the workflow, we improved the locking and now you can use a peer from more than one thread.

Why is that a big thing? Unity (e.g.) doesn’t even use multiple threads for it’s Update loop. Still, this Update loop might get interrupted and this usually means the peer will soon lose connection. Just load bigger assets, to see the effect.

Now, you could have a “backup thread” call SendOutgoingCommands anytime that’s not done by the Update loop. And you don’t have to manually sync usage of the Peer for that anymore. Sounds good? Best of all: This even helps avoid threading issues you didn’t even expect.

We worked through all demos and the LoadBalancing API and adjusted the code accordingly, updated comments, etc.

Check out the release_history.txt in the zip for a list of changes. The APIs are more or less as before, so an update from any previous version makes sense.

Get the new version here.

Posted By Tobias

One Response to “New v3.0.1.12 SDKs for Unity, DotNet and WindowsPhone”

  1. mindlube says:

    Thank you for helping us make our Unity C# clients even faster/stabler then ever! I hope the threading techniques are shown in the C# client examples…