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New Windows Phone Demo in SDK v3.0.1.9

We are proud to present a brand new Windows Phone Demo App!

This demo shows the basic operations that you can utilize when accessing the Photon Cloud.
Get yourself an AppID, boot up your Windows Phone and experience how easy and fast it can be to get Photon Cloud up and running.

It is now part of the Windows Phone Photon Cloud SDK which you can grab over here.

Enjoy the innovative styles and features available with WP7 integrated with Photon Loadbalancing.

Features include:

  • Autoconnect to Master Server (Cloudserver)
  • Create/Join rooms inside the demo app
  • See the ping of all connected players, updated in real-time
  • Change player properties by sending events
  • Set room status to open / closed
  • Logging of game events/room events/Player actions/…


And for the ones of you that happen to not have the pleasure of owning a Windows Phone, we attached some screenshots for you to check out.

We would love to hear your feedback, tell us what you think in our Forum!

Have fun and stay connected!

Posted By Tobias

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