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The new C, C++ and objC client SDKs version are out now!

Get the new SDKs for Photon Server here and for Photon Cloud here.

Important changes are:

  • an improved debug output interface for C++ and objC: You now can just call .toString() on any object and you will get a nicely formatted string of its payload returned
  • a lot of fixes and improvements in the support of more complex arrays
  • some new features have been added to the LoadBalancing API
  • the bug, that triggered timeouts, when non should have been triggered, that some of you experienced with the LoadBalancing lib, has been fixed
  • tcp support has been completely reimplemented from ground up; if you use tcp, please update to this version ASAP, as the old implementation has some serious bugs (however, you should use (reliable) udp with Photon, whenever you can, anyway)
  • The AndroidNDK client now supports unicode, armv6/armv5te devices and Android 2.2 (armv7 and Android 2.3 and newer have already been supported from the first release on), ships with its own version of the realtime demo and has now officially reached beta state (yes, directly from prealpha to beta, we have skipped the alpha release, so you have not missed anything)

Get the new SDKs for Photon Server here and for Photon Cloud here

Posted By Stefan

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