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Photon v3.0.1.2 Client SDKs for Unity, DotNet and Windows Phone

Since releasing the Loadbalancing API for DotNet, Unity and Windows Phone, we added several small features and fixed some bugs.

We fleshed out the handling of custom properties for rooms and how they get forwarded to the lobby. Now you can define by string-array, which of the room’s properties are needed in the lobby. This saves clutter and bandwidth and makes the lobby more useful. The “propsListedInLobby” is a new OpCreateRoom() parameter.

We also set the room’s cache to “clean on player leave” now. This is most likely not used by anyone, so it’s the right time to define a default. We will add documentation for event caching in the upcoming weeks.

Aside from Loadbalancing, we also extended the PhotonPeer.TrafficStats. There is now a timer and a reset option for the stats. This way you could measure messages per second during “waiting for players” or while the game is running.

As always, all the details are in the release_history.txt in the package.

Get the SDKs from our download page.

Posted By Tobias

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