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Photon Cloud Free Beta Ends Soon – Paid Plans Available Next Week

Photon Cloud Beta under heavy attack:
over 4,500 apps were firing with more than 20 TerraByte (per month) traffic at our cloud during the last 4 months.

Thank you all for making the beta such a tremendous success. We are happy to announce that at the beginning of next week we will go live with the real deal.
We are convinced that we have a striking pricing and that many of you will be fine with our Photon Cloud 100 package for US$9 per month.
A real deal, we think.

Please remember to upgrade your free trial account next week as the free beta phase will end on February 29th. We will send you an email reminder on next monday to go here for the upgrade…

Your app won’t connect to the Photon Cloud anymore if you do not upgrade before your trial ends. No worries if you cannot make it in time as you can still access your account to bring your app back to life.

Posted By Robert

2 Responses to “Photon Cloud Free Beta Ends Soon – Paid Plans Available Next Week”

  1. jamal says:

    i find it to be funny that your company cohosts the GEE contest and cuts off paticipants from rhe service the next day.

  2. Christof says:


    you have several options:

    1) if you participate in the GEE contest you get a free extension – just drop us an email
    2) we offer a free 30 day trial (and you will be able to create a second app next week)
    3) Use our (free) Photon Server and host the server on your own

    😉 Chris