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Photon client SDKs for iOS, Marmalade and Win32 have just been released

Compared to the beta version, the RC1 has these changes:

  • operation requests are now wrapped up into classes like operation responses and events
  • LitePeer’s opRaiseEvent() now supports event caching and receiver groups
  • as always there have been some minor bugfixes

However there are great news for the objC coders among you: the iOS version of the new SDK is the first client SDK to offer a high-level API for the Photon 3 LoadBalancing features! This new API layer simplifies usage of multiple game servers as used in our cloud service

Of course, it’s fully compatible with the “Loadbalancing” applications found in our server SDK, so you can host this yourself as well. This is implemented as objC library and the source is available in the SDK.

A C++ version of this LoadBalancing library is currently in development and will come soon  for all native client SDKs.

Get the new Photon 3 Client SDKs here.

Posted By Stefan

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