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Photon Cloud: Pricing Starts at US$ 9 per Month

We have done a lot of number crunching (…and are still doing) to define the pricing for our latest product, Photon Cloud.

What we already know: Photon Cloud’s basic edition will cost US$ 9 per month for 100 concurrent users.

We are trying hard to find the right pricing structure to make anyone happy from the small indie to the big studios. However, Photon Cloud is a hosted and managed service so we need to carefully decide here to at least balance costs and income.

In any case we are trying to make choosing Photon Cloud an easy decision, so you can expect an agressive pricing for all Cloud editions.

Posted By Robert

8 Responses to “Photon Cloud: Pricing Starts at US$ 9 per Month”

  1. Max Felker says:

    I knew free was too good to be true 😉 However, I love this service and 9$ a month is a great price!

    My question is, when will this pricing go into effect?

  2. Sec says:

    We expect the pricing to become effective in the first quarter of 2012.

  3. greenland says:

    I just discovered you guys a few hours ago. I think I’m in love. I’ve been window shopping engines and network layers for an extremely long time, and I’ve finally found what my project will be using.

  4. Sec says:

    Glad you found us. Share the love.

  5. Al says:

    This looks great! But how do I sign up? If you want payment need to make it eaiser and more visable for customers to pay.. 🙂

  6. Robert says:

    True! Click on the Photon Cloud logo in the blog post or go to to create an account. Until end of January the Photon Cloud will be free of charge. We’ll announce the pricing shortly.

  7. Carl says:

    Will the 10 CCU license stay free?

  8. Sec says:

    The server licenses are not affected, the above is for Photon Cloud subscriptions only.