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Photon 3 Beta client SDKs for iOS, Marmalade and Win32 are out now

Good news for all Marmalade-developers: Finally you also get your first client SDK, which is compatible to Photon 3 servers!

Probably the most important change for iOS-developers: the Beta-SDK is compatible to Xcode 3 again (unlike the Alpha which required Xcode 4).

If you are using objC then there are more good news for you: customType support in objC has left the developer-preview state and is final like in other languages.

Last but not least, this update fixes all the memory leaks which have been introduced between 6.5.5 (the last Photon 2 client) and Alpha/PublicAlpha.

Please refer to the release-history files for a detailed list of all changes.

Get the new Photon 3 Client SDKs here.

Posted By Stefan

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