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Photon In Korea

Look at this, people, Photon is available in Korea!

Click here to see full screenshot

We have absolutely no idea what it says on rest of the website, but “Most Powerful Socket-Server for Unity 3D” sounds absolutely sufficient as far as we’re concerned…
PS: Obviously, I’m pulling your leg – of course, this is our official representative for Korea, GPM Studio 😉

Posted By Sec

4 Responses to “Photon In Korea”

  1. says:

    interesting new!)

  2. john hua says:

    I don’t like this wording, but may I know is there any official team in China?

  3. John Kim says:

    great job ! yeah it says server engine for unity engine. and rest looks like a community events and such.

  4. Robert says:

    Hi John, do you mean an official Exit Games team? No, so far not.