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March, 2011

29 March
Posted in Developer, Photon, SDK
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Photon iPhone SDK v6.4.2

The v6.4.2 release does not implement new features but is adjusted to the latest changes in iPhone development. Xcode 4 no longer allows you to link static libraries, built for armv6 devices into applications built for armv7 devices. This means you can’t use libraries built for iPhone 2G and 3G, […]

15 March
Posted in Uncategorized

Photon In Korea

Look at this, people, Photon is available in Korea! Click here to see full screenshot We have absolutely no idea what it says on rest of the website, but “Most Powerful Socket-Server for Unity 3D” sounds absolutely sufficient as far as we’re concerned… PS: Obviously, I’m pulling your leg – […]

10 March
Posted in Photon, SDK
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Flash Client SDK v5.5.3 Released

The new release fixes issues when a Flash client received so much data that it didn’t arrive in one “package”. Now the client checks if enough data is available, to fully read the expected number of key/values. Also new is a AS3 event, in case a client tries to send […]