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Photon Server SDK v2.4.5

We just released another bugfix release for the Photon Server SDK. The main reason for it was a pretty sneaky issue with DotNet 2.0 and config files.

On some machines, it looked like the license server wasn’t available on start and Photon shut down immediately. Other machines (starting at the same times) didn’t have that issue. After a while we found that the logs were also kind of truncated and became suspicious of log4net but we couldn’t find why it work. In fact, we didn’t find changes since last year, when it all worked nicely.

Thomas finally found out that all this happened only on DotNet 2 runtimes. An undocumented “feature” in that runtime gets creative when looking for DotNet config files. It not only tried “PhotonSocketServer.exe.config” but also “PhotonSocketServer.config” and even “PhotonSocketServer.exe.local”. So when we recently renamed our config to PhotonSocketServer.config, we gave DotNet 2 a reason to dislike this config file and the logging issue prevented us from noticing this. Best of all: The config was only used when a license tries to contact the license monitor!

Long story short:

We renamed the config file once more (sorry for that!) to PhotonServer.config in this release. There are also minor fixes in the MMO Application.

Download the SDK from your page.

Posted By Tobias

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