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Client SDK v6.2.0 for DotNet and Unity

We just released new Photon Client SDKs for DotNet and Unity. Version 6.2.0 includes several small updates and tweaks:

The documentation should now be a bit clearer where we use Photon (in general) and where the Lite Application (our server application for room-based games). We added a few values to enums and updated the descriptions of most. Security exceptions on connect are fetched and handled, the PhotonPeer.PeerState now includes a “Initializing” state and is of type enum PeerStateValue. The OpLeave method now has an overload without the room-name parameter (which is not used server-side currently).

The main addition to the Unity Photon SDK is a new Demo: Please welcome the “Lite Lobby Chat Demo“! It shows how you can use Photon’s Lite Lobby application without any server-side programming. It also contains a PhotonClient MonoBehaviour, which should be a viable starting point for your own client development.

While we were at it, the Unity Realtime Demo also got an overhaul and should be cleaner and better documented.

Get the new SDKs here.

Posted By Tobias

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