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Photon Server SDK v2.4.4

The new v2.4.4 SDK is a bugfix release. Since last Friday we fixed a few problems that slipped through testing: The Dashboard will now start again and the MMO Application got a minor fix as well.

Aside from the bug fixes, we added a new feature to the PhotonControl tool. Under “PerfMon Counters” you will now find controls to log PerfMon counters to files. You can install a “control set” (also visible in PerfMon, when installed) and start/stop it. This makes it easier to track performance and issues on any machine.

Get the SDK on our Download Page.

Posted By Tobias

2 Responses to “Photon Server SDK v2.4.4”

  1. Andreas Johansen says:

    Just downloaded the new version and it seems that you’ve left out the doc\applications folder from the release – just a heads up 🙂

  2. Tobias says:

    Argh! You’re right. Ok, updated to v2.4.4.
    Sorry for the flood of updates.