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Photon Server SDK v2.4.0 Released

The new Photon Server SDK v2.4.0 is now available on our download page. It includes several fixes, improvements and now also features the NetSync Demo.

We renamed the PhotonSocketServer.xml to PhotonSocketServer.config, which should make it more transparent when we refer to it as “Photon config”. In it, we set shadow copy and auto restart as default for most applications in the package. You can update your assembly configs or application builds at runtime and Photon will restart the (modified) app after 10 seconds. Only after the restart, new connects will hit the new app logic.
The Policy App won’t change much, so it’s not checking file changes. You should make sure to merge your application settings into the new config file.

We prepared a new license generation, which will provide everyone with a free 100ccu license. This is not yet online but almost done, so it should go live in a few days. Check the blog for updates. In the SDKs, we have a 100 CCU Trial license. We think it’s better if the Unlimited-CCU Trial does not start by unzipping and testing the server and you can replace the 100 CCU license soon. The trial for the Unlimited CCU will become a personal download as well and you can start using it when you are ready for load tests.

The Photon Control tray app now includes a menu entry for a local test client. It’s just a small load application that runs in a command shell but OK to see if Photon is working.

The NetSync Demo was updated and became a part of the Server SDK. Including the Unity Demo Client! This seems easier than having a separate download. On the down-side, it’s another client in a Server SDK. Let us know what you think, if you like.

Get the downloads on our webpage.

Posted By Tobias

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