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Photon iPhone SDK v6.4.1

This release fixes a crash bug, which appeared on the iPhone under certain circumstances. This crash bug was introduced in the last release v6.4.0, released 21.01.2011.

Additionally, the ObjC API contains a UTF32 extension to Apple’s NSString class, offering an easy to use way for conversions between wchar_t* and NSString*.

Please have a look at the section “how to setup your application” in the documentation if you are using our objective C API.  You now have to use -force_load in “project settings” -> “other linker flags” on Common-objc library, to run a Photon objC client without runtime linkage errors  in Xcode 3.x. You can ignore this, if you are already using Xcode 4.0, which comes with a fix for this issue.

Get the new SDK on our download page.

Posted By Tobias

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