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DotNet SDK v6.1.0 Client Release

We just uploaded new Client SDKs for Unity3d and DotNet. Silverlight is still pending an update.

We’ve got several changes in this release but most noteworthy might be the support for encryption. After exchanging keys with the Server and deriving the shared key, Operations and responses can be exchanged encrypted. It’s compatible to all platforms of Unity, including iOS. Events are never encrypted, as they are usually sent to all clients anyways. You can now create a secured login or auth Operation and disconnect everyone who doesn’t send the correct values.

We will probably post some encryption details (algorithm, etc) in the DevNet soon. In the mean time, you can check out the modified Realtime Demos.

We also updated the Demo to Unity v3.1 now. If you just change the Server Address in Game.cs, the Realtime Demo should work on iOS immediately.

Please check the included release history files for more details.

Posted By Tobias

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