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Update Release: Photon Server v2.2.2

The v2.2.2 release of the Photon Server SDK is just an update of the v2.2.1 and does not include any new features. This package is fixing two issues:

Some customers unzipped the previous release with the explorer and found that Photon did not start. In the log, they found the line: “Assembly does not allow partially trusted callers”. The root of this evil was, that we already switched from VS2008 to VS2010 as internal IDE and use it when building. In combination with Windows’ internal unzipping, our own assemblies were marked as partially trusted and were refused. Microsoft describes this feature in the MSDN. If you know about this feature, it’s easy to avoid it’s pitfall.

We also changed the way peerIDs are assigned assigned. Before this release, Photon was sometimes running into situations where no peerID was available anymore. This is also an internal fix, so you don’t have to adjust anything.

Get the Photon Server SDK v2.2.2 here.

Posted By Tobias

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