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Photon SDKs v6.2.0 for iPhone, iPad and Windows

We just released new native SDKs for iOS and Windows (C, C++ and ObjC). This release introduces some of the changes done earlier in DotNet, which is currently our primary development platform.

With v6.2.0 you can use “properties” on the latest Photon servers. These are arbitrary, named values that can be attached to games and actors (players in a game). Properties are buffered by Photon and provided to all players in a room (even those who join later on). A simple way to store the map, level, game mode or anything else you want every player to know.

In C++, we now also have a LitePeer to implement Lite specific operations. There are also getter functions getQueuedIncomingCommands() and getQueuedOutgoingCommands(), which might help analyze client load / performance.

All demos are now using localhost:5055 as default server address. If you are building for iPhone, please make sure to setup a suitable server address before you compile. While our “demo” server is still around, we will have to update it from time and it might be down without further notice.

Please refer to the release_history*.txt files for a complete list of changes.

Get the new v6.2.0 SDKs on our download page.

Posted By Tobias

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