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Client Library v6.0.0 for Unity and DotNet

  • 15 October, 2010 -
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Looking only at the API changes of the v6.0.0 DotNet / Unity client libraries, this could be a minor update: Most of the changes are hidden behind the scenes.

Serialization was extended on both sides and now supports arrays of arrays. Directly send int[][], string[][] or any other serializable type arrays where needed.

Server timestamp synchronization got improved. Of course, this always includes a bit of random (latency) imprecision, we got closer to a useful result. Internally, client and server now use a command that’s immediately answered (on the lowest level), excluding all internal lag from the synchronization. In local tests, we now get the server timestamp with +/-10 ms difference.

The two updates above mean that v6.0.0 will require a Photon Server v2.2.0 an up.

There are several fixes (described in the release_history.txt) and we included the source of LitePeer.cs in the Realtime Demo as best practice to create an API for your own operations.

Get the new client and server SDK on our download page.

Posted By Tobias

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