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Photon Dotnet and Unity SDK release v5.9.0

We just released new Photon Client SDKs for DotNet, Unity 3d and Silverlight.

The new version is compatible with Unity iPhone 1.7, Unity 2 and Unity 3 (beta) and includes several internal improvements and some additional features.

Most importantly: any callback and state-change of the library is now done in the game-thread, within Service() (or more precisely in DispatchIncomingCommands()). This prevents common threading issues which could happen before. Now, you only have to make sure you use PhotonPeer from a single Thread to avoid issues.

Another important change is that you can now use either IPs or urls on any platform, to define the server-address. If an IP is spotted, there is of course no DNS lookup on connect.

With PhotonPeer.DisconnectTimeout, you can define the client-side timeout as millisecond value. This is an additional model to the definition of retries.

The DebugReturn callback now has a debug level parameter to give you more logging options and we introduced the enum StatusCode, which is used as PeerStatusCallback() parameter.

Check out the release_history.txt file for a complete list of changes.

Get the new version here.

Posted By Tobias

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