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Update Trio: Photon socket-server, MMO and Flash Client

After the Photon 2 release, we got great feedback, tweaked our code a bit and added more documentation. Today, we want to give you all an update of Photon socket-server, the MMO Demo package and also a fix for Flash clients.

The MMO Demo v2.0.5 implements proposals that emerged in forum discussions with our growing community. If you haven’t yet, join the dialog with Exit Games and help us shape Photon. Some of the changes: You now have access to actor interest-areas and items. Vectors are serialized to float arrays for sending and Items now use ICoordinates in the constructor, which removes the need to use Vectors there.

The Photon Server SDK v2.0.5 now includes a 64bit build for WinXP and Win2003 servers. Photon Control now indicates when it’s busy (waiting for service start) and of course we updated the binaries of the MMO application (up to date with the MMO Demo source).

The Flash SDK v5.5.1 includes a crucial fix for the server timestamp, which did not show a valid value when the server’s time had an overflow.  Now it shows the approximated timestamp in all cases.

Download and start your network engine today!

Posted By Tobias

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