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Photon 2.0 Server RC

Somehow, a whole month passed since the last update. How did this happen?

After the GDC, our team did a lot of work on the server side. We finalized a Lobby application/sample and wrapped up the latest MMO Sample as well. All this made it into new Release Candidate SDKs for Photon today.

On the server side, the basic “Lite Application” is now extended by the the “Lite Lobby” application. The lobby is a new class of room that provides a list of running games and does not send join/leave events. The new LiteLobbyGame can optionally be attached to a lobby to provide it’s player count. This shows how to use Lite as basis and extend it with your own features.

The “MMO Application” is radically different from “Lite” and shows how you could use the messaging we use in Photon to build flexible and scalable interest management.

On the client side (v5.7.1 RC2), the DotNet SDK got the most samples. The Lite Lobby Demo monitors the lobby while each client can switch rooms on demand. The MMO Demo lets you simulate multiple clients in one app, which move around (r follow your mouse) and update their field of view.

Only the MMO Demo made it also into the Unity3d SDK. To see how we handle lobbies, please check the DotNet SDK.

There are lots of other changes behind the scenes and we got more performance out of the Photon Core as well. The server SDK RC1 is not supporting XP as server OS for that reason. Let us know if you need an XP version.

Get the SDKs here.

Posted By Tobias

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